Making Your Own Cheese

'Not everyone can keep a cow, but everyone can make cheese.' Making cheese is one of those magical events everyone should experience and enjoy. Producing a cream-filled savoury food from simple ingredients is an age old craft - a fundamental part of the human culinary experience. This book shows you the very basic equipment needed; the ingredients, including different milks, herbs and flavours; how to make a simple cheese; and how to produce some of the worlds speciality cheeses such as Roquefort, Brie and Edam.

You will find recipes for making many cheeses at home. Whether you are making a cheese cake, a ricotta-based pudding or a stonking salty blue, this book is a cheese lover's guide to making their own favourite food - and there are some recipes for the biscuits to go with it, too.


'After giving us the once-over about the basics of cheese making, we then get to the nitty-gritty with Paul's wonderfully researched cheese-making recipes.' Rochdale Observer.

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Author:Paul Peacock

Subtitle:How to Make All Kinds of Cheeses in Your Own Home

Publisher:How To Books




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Additional Info:Author Paul Peacock has been making cheese at home for many years. He was inspired by his grandmother who made cheese every day of her life, collecting the milk from various sources in wartime Manchester, setting it by simply allowing the milk to sour, and washing, hanging and eating the resultant cheese on a sandwich for her evening meal. Paul is also an expert on plants and gardening and writes as Mr. Digwell for the Daily Mirror's Gardening Advice web site. He can be heard on BBC Gardener's Question Time and is the editor of Home Farmer magazine and author of many books, including Patio Produce, The Urban Hen, and - with his wife, Diana - Grandma's Ways for Modern Days.

Table of Contents:Introduction

Health, growing microbes and cheese

1. What you need to make cheese

2. An introduction for cheese making and what equipment you need

3. All about milk

4. The science of milk and its conversion to cheese

5. Cheese of the ancient world

6. Some simple cheese from Paneer to cottage cheese

7. Cheeses of the UK

8. The major UK Cheeses and how to enjoy and make them

9. Cheeses of France

10. Cheese of Northern Europe

11. Cheese of the Mediterranean

12. Cheeses of America

13. Storing and maturing cheese

14. The Cheese Lover's guide.

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