The Complete Guide to Making Cheese, Butter, and Yogurt At Home (eBook)

It is amazing the things you can do with milk. Since the earliest human civilizations, milk has been used to create a wide variety of high protein and delicious foods such as cheese, butter, and yogurt. Even though mass manufactures have made it easy to purchase these things, many are beginning to see the benefits to cutting out the middle man and making dairy-based products from home.

With a little time and outlay of money, you can be on your way to cooking up homemade cheese, butter, and yogurt that tastes better and is better for you. The Complete Guide to Making Cheese, Butter, and Yogurt at Home gives the aspiring dairy aficionado the tools needed to prepare, create, and enjoy tasty dairy products at home. You will learn which ingredients are used for a variety of recipes and what equipment you will need to start churning out creations. You will learn the myriad of basic techniques necessary to understand the process, starting with raw milk and continuing until you make any number of cheese, butter, and yogurt variations. You will learn the basics of creating a variety of cheeses including feta, Gouda, cottage cheese, and Parmesan, as well as crème fraiche, sour cream, buttermilk, yogurt, and yogurt-based recipes. Tying it together with recipes for pizza, macaroni and cheese, and quiche, this book is the ideal starting point for anyone with a desire to start experimenting with dairy products.


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