Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese

Peek behind Philadelphia's largest and oldest cheese counter for a lively guide to pairing cheese with everything from beer and cocktails to olives and charcuterie. The store's resident cheese blogger, Madame Fromage, brings to life 170 of the world's greatest artisan cheeses, drawing on stories and knowledge from the store's third-generation owners.

The book offers 30 recipes, from Cheddar Ale Soup to Rogue River Sushi, along with a dairy lexicon, notes on how to taste cheese, and a variety of themed boards: a Fireside Party, an All-Goat Blow-Out, and a selection of Desk Bento. Beautiful four-color photographs serve to put names with wheels and wedges of cheese.


Ever since I was a child I've always been obsessed with cheese. I remember going down to South Philadelphia to Di Bruno Bros. and picking out provolone with my grandfather. These days, there's a lot more than provolone out there, and it's great to see that it's still Di Bruno Bros. forging ahead, helping people understand cheese. Whether it's variety, history, technique, or flavor combinations... this book has it all. I've relied on these guys for my whole life... and it just got easier for the rest of the world! --Chef and restaurateur Marc Vetri Full of authoritative and engaging advice on how to use cheese that should appeal to all levels of knowledge... portraits so luscious, you can practically feel the creaminess of each blue wedge melt on your tongue. I can smell the piquant perspiration of that well-aged Testun al Barolo. More important, Darlington's prose brings it all to life. --Philly.com This book has it all--history, family, and a working encyclopedia of cheese. --County Lines Magazine


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Author:Tenaya Darlington

Subtitle:A Guide to Wedges, Recipes, and Pairings




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Additional Info:Tenaya Darlington is a blogger, novelist, professor of writing, and journalist who runs the blog Madame Fromage. Over the last six years, she has become Philadelphia's busiest cheese courtesan, hosting monthly tastings, penning magazine columns about local cheese, and freelancing for the largest cheese counter in Philadelphia, Di Bruno Bros. Their collaboration led to this book, a tasty guide to cheese. She lives in Philadelphia.

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