Boska Petit Paris Cheese Board With Integrated Cheese Slicer

We, at Boska Holland, have been mad about cheese for over 100 years.Our family tradition has been to inspire you on your journey through the finest cheeses of the world. Our assortment is so comprehensive that there is an appropriate tool, whether for the cheese professional or the home consumer, for every cheese lover.

Cheese can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Boska is constantly searching for new accessories to experience cheese in the traditional way, but innovative ways as well. Enjoy life! Explore cheese! 



A real classic among cheese cutters is the Petit Paris.

The Petit Paris is beautifully crafted and very popular across the globe.

Made from European White Oak, the cheese board looks and feels authentic.

With an integrated cutting wire for easy slicing of cheese.

Just pull down the lever and the wire comes down to do the slicing for you.

The board is not only used as a slicer but also for stylish and unique presention of your cheeses.

Try combining dessert cheeses with nut bread, wild honey and fig compote.

It also comes with a plastic dome to cover food items on the board and 3 spare wires are included.


Product details


Material type:Wood


Length (mm):315

Width (mm):230

Weight (g):1720